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The History of The Corleone Style™ Pizza

The recipe of the famous Corleone pizza has been a secret for decades. It has been a secret, Marcello from Pizza-Grill. Com has been holding for many years. Here is the story and how it came about. How Marcello was given the recipe with the blessing of the inventor ...

When I was a young boy in Sicily, Italy, I looked forward to the special day in my town; it was the day the man from Corleone traveled the short distance between towns to sell his special pizza. He came to my town of Carini every Saturday, and you should be sure that I was the first one online to buy a slice. There was something special and delicious about his pizza, not only the ingredients, but also the preparation. To me he was a master in his trade. I sat on the curb with the others do ate my slice, but I would stay around and watch him for the afternoon, long after my friends went home. He got to know me and asked my name; we became friendly and I admire him. He often teased me, "Marcello, go home, your mother must be lookingfor you!' Of course he was eventually packing up to leave and I was on my way home, talking to my family about this wonderful pizza from this kind man.

Many years have past since I was a young boy in Sicily. At 16 I traveled to America and made my life here in the pizza business, but I always kept the man from Corleone in the back of my head. What had become of him? Was he still traveling town to town? Well time had changed, he had grown older and I was told he no longer made it town to town but you could see him every Saturday in his own town of Corleone. Finally, 30 years later, I made the 20-minute trip to Corleone. I asked, "Where is the old man from Corleone?" And I was pointed in his direction. I was standing now face to face with him ready to introduce myself, when he said to me in Italian, "Marcello, how are you? I knew you would come back to see me."

And that's where the story ends. I stayed all day with him and listened to his stories about his life, his children, grandchildren and mostly his love for the pizza he made. He said, "To you I will give the recipe, but you can never tell and do not use until my passing!' Since then, the man has unfortunately passed on, but now I will honor him by attempting, and hopefully perfecting, the pizza he made me during my childhood.

So, this pizza is not only authentic, but it is made from the heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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1 Lg. Cheese Pizza w/1 Topping & 2 Ltr Soda

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PG Sample Box

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